What is your content need?
- End-user content (for software teams)
- Training (soft-skills and technical)
- RFP response
- Marketing content
- Business articles/blog & community interaction
- Small-town journalism

Accomplished technical writer, training developer and classroom instructor, project manager and RFP-response writer/editor serving software teams and technical industries, start-ups and multi-national corporations. Freelance contributor to local newspapers and online business magazines (published clips available).

Motivational content:

Hi there. Need motivational content? I am one writer who can provide it.
Contact me for a quote to motivate your blog readers and move your product or service: donna@oneamericanwriter.com

Do you need to:
  1. Light a fire under buyers?
  2. Motivate clicks?
  3. Engage readers? Keep them coming back for more?
Connection - Community - Your online community needs you, and I can make your voice heard.
I care about people and readers can tell. Authenticity reaches folks, and I will only take your job if it's something I can stand up for.

What motivates your readers? 
Me. I'll get to the bottom of the benefit you offer and share it with your readers creatively, encouraging them to connect and come back for more.

What motivates me?
You. Your passion for your product or service sells itself and I can translate that into a one-time message or an ongoing conversation that builds community, engages readers, and inspires action.



Get in touch to talk about ideas. We can come up with a few actionable items you can implement whether we work together or not. My passion is motivating people - and that includes you.

Best Regards,
Donna Buskirk
One American Writer

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